Not for the faint hearted

For those who now realise that their place is in permanent chastity, I can offer this.


You will be locked in permanent chastity and no amount of begging will persuade me to release you. I may decide to allow you the occasional release/orgasm. But don't get your hopes up.

You will need to know how to milk your prostate regularly to keep things healthy. Obviously should you sustain any damage to the skin, that requires medical attention. You will be released until you heal. 

The fee for this service is £350 per quarter [4 monthly] I do not offer any additional training. On occasions i may decide to throw in an occasional task/punishment. You will receive a daily inspection via photo [This may differ if goddess is on holiday etc]

This is obviously for someone very experienced. You will need to own or buy a steel cage, that gives you the ability to maintain good hygiene and ventilation.

Goddess Valentina is here to answer your questions.

Any further information you may require on the effects and about permanent chastity. Please click the link