Key Holding Options


I hear there are lots of sissies and male submissive loose in the UK. Some are fortunate enough to have a Mistress, many are waiting for the supreme privilege of serving a superior.


In my opinion, this means there are are too many of you running around without female control.


My mission therefore is simple. Those that are not in service should be restrained. They should be locked in chastity, and their time should be spent preparing to devote themselves and proving their obedience to the superior sex.


Indeed, it would be better in many cases if I held your keys, until you are in service to a Mistress, and she can then apply to me for them.


I am offering a service to control your chastity, your submission, or if a sissy, your dressing, and to provide you with tasks to improve your obedience for your future Mistress/Goddess

Option 1: plastic locks

The plastic lock is what i recommend for beginners or Sissies/submissive men overseas. This is because there maybe a delay in key postage or loss. I send x 2 for each weekly session to begin. [less for the more experienced]

Your new cage may start to cut into you. So this option makes it easy to remove in the event of a emergency. Should one arrive during the cage adjustment period.

Each come with a unique number. Goddess will require daily photo uploads with the number showing clearly.

Early removal other than an emergency situations is not permitted and you will be removed from the programme.


Option 2:Metal padlocks

Metal locks are used for more experienced chastity and submissive in the UK. I offer this for submissive over seas. You will have to sign a weaver to agree that goddess has no responsibility for any injuries you may acquire.

Option 1:

This is where goddess sends you a padlock. You place it on your cage and lock it. send me a photo or video once this task is complete.

After the desired training time. 1 of your keys will be posted so you can remove the device. I keep the other incase it gets lost in the post. 

Option 2:

This option is similar but for over seas or submissives on a training course to achieve higher lock times.

Goddess sends you a lock and a combi lock box with the keys inside. After the desired time or if goddess wishes to reward you. The code will be given for you to access the key.

download (2).jpeg
BeautyPlus_20210610171758775_save (1).jp

Option 3: combi lock box

This option is for internal lock devices. Overseas or UK.

Goddess sends you a programmed combi lock box. Once you receive it. Video yourself placing your keys inside. and mix up the numbers.

Once your experience is complete goddess will give you the combination code.

I also offer this for overseas external padlocks too.

download (5).jpeg
download (3).jpeg

Re Lock option

From experience, some submissives find they are so used to being locked after a period that receiving their keys, and the inevitable attempt at relief afterwards, leaves them feeling empty and no longer under control. Well - good news ! 


The padlock I sent you had at least two or three keys or more plastic locks can be sent. Simply re-lock, dispose of the key completely, somewhere you can never retrieve it.


I can then send you another key when your next term completes.

Any further questions or queries. Please feel free to contact me via email or the chat box [typical response time, within 48 hours]

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