Wearing a Dildo Harness for the First Time

Firstly using the right dildo is all important, and that’s a choice all of its own, but briefly silicone dildos give the most realistic feel and usually have the most life like shape. For your dildo to work in a harness it’s absolutely essential that it has a flared base.


It can be an hilarious moment when you put on a dildo harness fully equipped with a dildo for the very first time. It’s certainly a novel experience looking between your thighs and seeing a silicone cock bobbing up and down as if it were part of you. You may feel silly and embarrassed. Alternatively you may want to walk around thrusting your hips and your newly acquired symbol of masculine power, control, and privilege. In this way a dildo harness can be a great tool to explore gender roles, both physically and psychologically. Dildos and dildo harnesses are not about substituting his penis, they’re about discovering new experiences and bringing something a little different to your lovestyle, which you can both enjoy.

Before you go jumping into bed!

For good strap on sex it’s best to become accustomed to wearing your dildo harness before jumping into bed with your lover. Put your harness and strap in the dildo. How does it feel? Do the straps feel better over the cheeks of your bottom or around each cheek? Is it too loose? The tighter your dildo harness is the better control you will have over the dildo as it moves with your thrusts. The tighter it is the more pleasure sensation both of you will feel. Walk around the room and get used to your silicone cock, rub it, caress it, hold it. How does it move as you thrust?

When you use a dildo and harness:

* Don’t forget foreplay, tease and excite your lover before you penetrate.

* Make sure your partner is ready and that you’ve plenty of lubrication, strap on sex does benefit from extra slipperiness.

* Spice things up by indulging in a little cock worship. Many people will be highly aroused by watching their lover kiss, lick and perform oral sex on a strap-on equipped with a dildo.

* Let your lover dictate the pace and guide you as your thrust your newly acquired cock. Deep, slow, gentle, rough or fast.

* Remember too that sometimes it’s not always about in and out thrusting. Try deep penetration, leave the dildo there, giving your lover lots of opportunity to grind and rub against the shaft of the silicone penis.

* Experiment with different positions. Try face-to-face penetration with his legs raised, it gives you greater intimacy and closeness. Whereas Doggy Style gives a deeper penetration and even allows for the occasional spank!

* Try not to focus too much on your strap-on cock, remember to kiss, caress, tease and excite your lover.

* Most importantly be aware of your lover’s body language and talk with one another. Get to know what feels good for both of you. Ask him if he wants you to go faster, slower, deeper. Does the dildo need more lubrication?

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