Why do we call it Pegging?

The phrase “pegging” was coined in 2001. It was the winning answer to a competition run by sex and fetish writer Dan Savage, whose excellent sex advice column, “Savage Love”, appears in many city newspapers throughout the States and Canada.

What is pegging?

It’s the act of a woman penetrating her man anally with a strap on dildo harness. It’s female to male penetration, a style of anal sex.

Pegging, a style of anal sex, can be performed sensually, slowly and rhythmically or deep, fast and rough. It’s a fetish or kink enjoyed by lots of hetrosexual couples that has links to erotic male surrender and Feminine Domination.

Male Submissive Fantasy:

Pegging taps into the submissive male fantasy of being dominated by his Mistress, submitting to her desires, and giving his mind, body and soul to better serve her needs. When a man expresses his submissive self and is anally penetrated by his female lover he learns to relinquish control in the bedroom.

His Emotions:

As with any erotic fantasy enactment the submissive person is placing a lot of trust in his loving dominant partner. Assuming this is his first experience of anal sex and penetration you need to bear in mind he’s probably feeling a mixture of conflicting emotions in essence he’s likely to be feeling extremely vulnerable, very apprehensive and yet highly aroused and excited at the same time.

When he offers himself in readiness for pegging remember he’s placing an enormous amount of trust in you.

Your Emotions:

Wearing a fully equipped dildo harness can have quite an impact on the mind set for many women. At first, you may be a little unsure about fulfilling his sexual fantasy. This certainty is quite natural, particularly if your man has always taken the lead role in the bedroom. Wearing a dildo harness requires you to adopt a more dominant role, a role which you may soon delight in and relish, as you discover your new powerful, controlling, erotic self. A new dominant sensual self which you allow out to play during erotic bedroom scenes as you anally penetrate your husband or boyfriend.